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Jul 25, 2022

Today, on SSONext, host Jordan Mullins takes a deep dive into the unique nature of the predicted recession and its impact on both talent and accounts payable.

Our guest is Emily Nash-Walker, Global Head of Partner Experience, Tradeshift.. Emily is an expert in enterprise digital transformation and shared services with experience gained at various blue chip organizations where she enables partners to automate, digitize, and grow. 

Emily and Jordan dive into:

✅ How the recession will be shaping businesses decisions in the next 12 months
✅ The importance of the way that financial teams respond and the impacts to anticipate
✅ Mistakes that (accounts payable) AP teams could be making right now and what they could be doing better to prepare for the future
✅ What metrics to use as a North star as businesses pursue transformation projects in a recession

This episode is brought to you by Tradeshift. They help businesses connect with their suppliers digitally, remove paper and manual processes across procurement and payment, and help businesses buy what they need faster; all while managing risk. 

For the full details on that and a lot more, 🎧 listen to the episode 🎧