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Jun 25, 2018

Cindy Gallagher joins us and shares her decision-making around taking the position of CEO at Liberty Source. With "a shortage of woman leadership” Cindy feels that it’s important to train and show the importance and need for a blend of talent at the highest levels of all organizations. Regarding her organization, she’s focused on a highly educated and underemployed segment of the population. And considering that quality talent and a lack of understanding of how to implement the future of work is in short supply, Cindy and her team are happily finding placement for US veterans and their spouses. And Cindy gives us her thoughts on intelligent automation: as opposed to taking jobs away, it’s going to change the landscape of work. Over-communicate on your journey. Ensure leadership has a long-term vision regarding intelligent automation. Put your human workforce in a leadership and ownership position of your digital workforce. Focus that digital workforce on delivering tangible goods and your human workforce on delivering quality of service.