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Mar 21, 2023

In this episode of GBS Careers Corner we talk to Edoardo Peniche, VP GBS at Aptiv. Edoardo is a master shared services leader with extensive global experience establishing world-class operations. He led critical initiatives that included design, implementation, development and transformation of multiple Global Shared Service Centers since 1996, establishing operations in Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, China, India, Philippines and Egypt. In this episode Edoardo delves into his 27 year long GBS career honing in on:

  • The importance of making mistakes and making your team a safe place to fail, innovate and come back stronger
  • How leaving his home country, Mexico and getting international experience transformed his career trajectory and shaped him as a leader
  • How GBS can be a multi-faceted career option allowing you to explore finance, customer experience, sales, marketing and much more!