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May 16, 2022

The team at SSON are very excited to announce our new podcast: SSONext - Fuelling the future of shared services

Let’s dive straight into the why, the what – and perhaps most importantly, why you should care if you’re in the shared services industry! 

Our promise on this podcast? This will be the 20 minutes a week where you get the information you need to ensure you are in the loop on developments in the GBS and shared services world.

We want our listeners to feel the optimism. So the conversations and case studies you’ll hear will prove to you that there is such a thing as a good problem to have! Because they offer new solutions!

In this pilot episode, we dive into the details of our commitment to expanding our educational capacity using the audio medium (one that any large organization can mimic!) 👇

✅ Separating the facts from the assumptions in the industry
✅ The importance of learning from the next generation of shared services leaders
✅ The need to bring diverse perspectives into shared services industry dialogue
✅ The relevance of a new medium to move the needle on content innovation
✅ And what’s behind the name “SSONext”?

To get the the full details on that and a lot more 🎧 listen to the episode 🎧 

If you like what you hear today, do us a favor, and hit subscribe. That way, each week, you’ll find another episode with incredible guests who are defining what’s next in global business services.