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Sep 19, 2022

In this episode of SSONext, host Barbara Hodge sits down with Matt Wright, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, at AppZen Inc. 

Matt is a seasoned leader with over 26 years in the field of customer success management. Matt’s passion is working in organizations that are focussed on deriving as much value from technology platforms as possible to serve their customers better.

Matt and Barbara dig into details on why it’s vital for global business services (GBS) to focus on institutional knowledge as it relates to technology:

✅ How technology is pushing shared services and GBS forward
✅ The benefits of AI (artificial intelligence) to GBS
✅ The factors that drive true success for businesses choosing to use AI 

For the full details on that and a lot more, 🎧 listen to the episode 🎧 

📌This episode is brought to you by AppZen. AppZen is an AI platform for modern finance teams. They overhaul the way finance teams work by automating spend approvals and providing insights that help companies reduce spend, comply with policy, and streamline process.📌

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