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Jul 2, 2018

The current Senior Director of HR Services & Solutions at Chewy joins us. At the moment, he’s only been with Chewy for a short while which is why he shares a fair amount of his experience at his former position- with Amazon. He shares that your amazing Amazon customer experience (which from their point of view is termed 'customer obsession') has obviously been the focus of the organization- but that CX coupled with acquisitions has left back office on the bottom of the list. That said, if you’ve ever seen an Amazon employee present at an event- it’s an entrepreneurial place- and if you want to fix something, they’ll let you focus on a solution if it makes sense. And when prompted he offered some solutions for you: 1. stop pretending that you understand your customer’s experience if you’ve not experienced it yourself. 2. Focus on your job at hand while breaking down the walls of communication. 3. Don’t measure customer experience with off-the-shelf solutions.