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Apr 4, 2023

Kai Eberhard Lueg is the Chief Operating Officer, Global Business Services, Siemens AG.  He has vast international experience in the Siemens Shared Services environment in various leading positions such as Head of Business Process Shared Services and Finance Shared Services as well as CFO of Global Shared Services. Siemens Global.

Prior to these engagements, he was acting as global CFO of the Siemens Wind Power Division. He has been a long term supporter of SSON where he has generously shared Siemens GBS story of cutting-edge digital transformation and end-to-end process excellence. In 2022, for the 6th year running - Siemens GBS made the list of SSON’s top 20 most admired Shared Services Operations.

In this conversation, Kai shares:

  • How Siemens GBS have gone beyond traditional services to take on technical activities such as Engineering
  • The importance of demonstrating integrity and work-life balance during a GBS job interview 
  • The wealth of opportunity a career in GBS and Siemens has to offer