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Jan 28, 2019

Matt Gustitus joins us and shares what it takes to build a business case for implementing new processes: "Every company functions differently, right? So, it's really hard to pull that together and come up with a game plan that you're going to be able to execute when it's something brand new to you."

Jan 21, 2019

Herman Brown joins us and shares how San Francisco has applied IT as a shared service: "I mean, government IT has transformed itself over the last several years where IT was a necessity that businesses saw. Oh, okay, we need computers now so we need somebody to be able to set up those computers and so forth. So IT was...

Jan 14, 2019

Remigijus Šimašius joins us and shares the benefits of Lithuania's open data policy: "We have this no excuse, open data policy, and with this, we've got very nice new inventions for smart cities, for mobility, for education. People like it. They want to be first in somewhere, to be forward-looking."

Jan 7, 2019

Derek Reisinger joins us and shares how workspace environments have changed and how it affects employees: "We come from a culture of which many employees had offices. We're transitioning that. We're in a collaborative workspace now. That means glass offices if you have one, workstations otherwise. We're very, very big...