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Jul 11, 2022

Today on SSONext, host Barbara Hodge sits down with Tom Bangemann, Head of Data Development & Research at SSON Research & Analytics. Tom is one of the most experienced market analysts in the GBS space, and a thought leader in service delivery, business support, and GBS development. He talks about the need to retain the stability to deliver what’s required – but be agile enough to react to change, internal or external. His expertise is in benchmarking and KPI models.

Tom and Barbara dig into:

✅ Why the current insecurity drives risk and how GBS can counter this
✅ The future of GBS and what you can expect to see over the next 5 years
✅ How to move from efficiency to effectiveness to experience in an organization
✅ Why technology and talent are two sides of the same coin

For the full details on that and a lot more, 🎧 listen to the episode 🎧

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